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Bottom Line Past Successes

Past Successes

For more than 25 years, Bottom Line Accounting has provided numerous small businesses throughout the Boston area with streamlined procedures, timely financial reporting, and most importantly peace of mind.
Here’s what others say about us:
Bottom Line Accounting
“[Bottom Line Accounting’s] staff provides the weekly resources I need to make sure my vendors get paid on time, my sales are recorded, and my bank reconciliations generated. They are reliable, dependable, and assist me in getting my information compiled into QuickBooks®. I can financially monitor my business because they provide me with monthly financial statements as well as year-to-date comparisons. Annually my financial records are ready for my CPA to generate my income tax returns within a month of the close of the year.”
Karen Hohler
Whippoorwill Crafts
Bottom Line Accounting
Bottom Line Accounting understood my business the first day on the job. They built comprehensive and complete weekly reports for me to manage my food and labor costs. QuickBooks® financial management enabled me to make split decisions regarding staffing and menu changes, which is essential in the restaurant business. I now access my data through the Web, pay bills online, and these new features allow me a lot more flexibility in managing my business when I am away from the restaurant. The process and procedures I use now due to the experience of Bottom Line enables me to spend more time making critical management decisions for my restaurant.”
Kasey Anton
“In the two years since I hired Bottom Line Accounting, my business has become much more profitable. Their QuickBooks experience enhanced my own knowledge of the software and enabled me to turn every one of my client jobs into higher profit jobs. I now do everything in QuickBooks® from estimating through to invoicing, never forgetting to bill a dollar of material costs or an hour of labor to the job because QuickBooks® does it for me. I am able to progress bill in a more timely manner, which has increased my cash flow. This has allowed me to build my business to the level I had always worked towards but wasn’t able to financially manage through my previous accounting system and resources.”
Kim Cleary
Cleary and Son, Inc.
Window Restoration Experts
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